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         SuZhou HengTai medicines and chemicals corporation is a professional import and export company of chemical material, pharmaceutical, pesticide, intermediates and fine chemicals. We have two factories producing intermediates and our main products. Because of our famous reputation in the chemical industry, we also become the regional agent for some famous domestic and overseas companies.
   Our four main products are chloroactic acid, Paraformaldehyde, glycerol and Chloroacetyl chloride. Our over 20 years experience in the chemical industry bring us famous reputation in the world. Now we already become a professional group including technology, industry and trade, we could provide over 100 kinds of chemical products for our customers.
Based on the sincerity, best service, we do our best for biggest satisfaction of our customers.
  We will further improve our business for our advantage products. We also will extend our company's scale, increase our products. What's more, better staff means better service for our customers, we will cultivate our staff knowing technology, good at business and having commerce moral.
We really wish that domestic and overseas friends could support us continuously. Based on the mutual trust and mutual benefit, we enhance our close cooperation and develop together.
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